Friday, March 4, 2011

Jelly Lens Set

Jelly Lens (1set - 12pieces - 14Lens)
- comes with original individual packaging

Lens No 1: Wide Angle
Lens No 2: Stretch
Lens No 3: 6 Image Mirage
Lens No 4: 3 Image Mirage
Lens No 5: Heart Frame & Blue Filter
Lens No 6: Star & Antique
Lens No 7: Polorized
Lens No 8: Close Up
Lens No 9: Soft Lens
Lens No 10: Starburst
Lens No 11: Vignette
Lens No 12: Spark

In Stock: YES
Price: RM75 (Free postage within Malaysia)

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  1. how to use this?

  2. Hi, got a "Jelly Gel" on each lens. You just have to stick it on your phone camera and you will get the special effect from each lens. You also can play with phone different camera applications with jelly lens, the effect will be suprising.

    Please take a look at some samples at Flickr:

  3. Hi, I'm interest to purchase the whole set. Still available?

  4. Hi May,

    Yes, still available.

    Please email to for details.

    Thanks :)

  5. still have stock???

  6. Hi,

    Yes, it is available.

    Please email to for details.

    Thanks :)

  7. Hi,

    RM75 (Free shipping within Malaysia)

    It is out of stock now.

  8. is still still available?
    do pm me.. thanks