Thursday, January 27, 2011

Olympus XA2 with Flash A11

Olympus XA2 with Flash A11 (tested)
- FREE 2 silver oxide batteries as show on picture
- FREE Kodak Gold 100 negative film 135-36exp
- FREE Olympus XA miniature signature icon (psd format)

- Olympus D-Zuiko 35mm Lens 1:3.5~22
- Shutter speed: 2sec~1/750 (aperture priority automatic)
- ASA 25~800
- Self-timer
- Film format: 135
- 3 Focal zones

- light seal in great condition
- no strap
- minor scratches on back cover but overall looks good
- minor corroded on flash's metal label but not affected function
** sold as seen in picture **

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